Committee Members

Dr. Vinod Gadiyar

I came to the UK in 1991. I was born in Mangalore and brought up in a place called Padubidri in Udupi district. I got married to Shalini in 1992. We have lived in all the countries of the UK, but for the last 20 years we are in Greater Manchester. We are blessed with 2 beautiful children, Ashwin (24) and Kiran (21).I now work as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and pain Medicine(hospital doctor).My interests include watching sports like Cricket and Tennis, reading and some cooking. My ideal meal includes Dalitoy and fried fish. My favourite Hindi movies are Veer-Zara and Devdas. We speak Konkani at home. Also I am proficient in English, Hindi, Kannada and Tulu. I have met many celebs and have had selfie with Cricket legend Gavaskar.I have been an active member of GSS for the last 20 years and served the Sabha in various roles. I have developed so many friendships due to our organisation and most of them are now our extended family. I sincerely cherish this. I personally feel that Sabha is by everyone and for everyone in good and bad times alike. I am current Chairperson of the Sabha and will do my best to keep our flag up.

Dr. Vasudev Kamath
Vice Chairman

I am Dr. S. Vasudeva Kamath
I am a retired General Practitioner from Wigan.
I am one of the founder member of GSS.
I have been in the Executive committee of the Sabah and Chairperson of the Sabha. Currently I am the Vice Chairperson of the Sabah.
Both myself and my wife Mrs. Shambhavi Kamath initiated our first Bank Holiday event in Ilam Hall in 1989 which is now a flagship event of our Sabah. We organised an Odissi dance performance by the great Sanjukta Panigrahi with help from Mersey side arts in Liverpool
Both of us were also instrumental in organisation of the 25th Anniversary of our Sabha in Stratford upon Avon which was a great success.
I will continue to support the Sabha in the future


Mr. Vinayak Prabhu

Namaskaru! I am Vinayak Prabhu from a small, beautiful town called Sirsi, North Kanara. I live with my wife Shambhavi in Bath. I am in IT.
I love sports, play cricket and enjoy dancing Kizomba and Semba dances from Angola. Few inspirational personalities that uplift me are Mohamad Ali, Michael Jordan, Ranveer Singh, David Beckham, Virat Kohli.
My mantra in life is Never Give Up, Express Yourself, Respect and Help each other. Keep smiling!

How Long you have lived in the UK? :- 21 years.

Native Place: Ankola, North Kanara. 

Ever had a selfie with a celeb? Who? :Yes, with Rohit Sharma

Favourite Pastime? :Dancing Kizomba and SembaOne Thing you carry in your suitcase while travelling from India? :Limbiya Peppermint

Mrs Dharma Shenoy
Joint Secretary

Growing up on the sunny shores of Mangalore, I enjoyed everything this beautiful coastal town has to offer. My ‘home’ is with my husband Ravi and our two adorable kids, Aradhana and Agasthya.

A perfect amchigele meal for me is batatesong and dalitoy to be finished off by ponosa garayi, all made by my amma.

My favourite movie is ‘Hum Saat Saat Hain’- it reminds me of my childhood with a loving extended family.

When travelling from Mangalore, I always carry a lot of amma’s sambar pitti, it is my lifeline until my next visit. And her garlic chutney powder.

Being a sabha member has given me an extended family away from home. The love and warmth from everyone is addictive and I always look forward to our next event.

Mrs Sujatha Bhat

I have lived in London along with my family for the past 31years. Though born in Mangalore,

I grew up in Bengaluru. Konkani & G S Sabha has always been very dear to me.I have been actively involved with Sabha activities, directly or indirectly, ever since we came to London.

Mr Damodara Baliga
Joint Treasurer

Damodara Baliga hails from Bantval and spent a large part of his life in India till the turn of the century.He is currently based in Maidenhead and lives there with his ONE wife and TWO daughters.

He loves to engage in myriad areas of interest he has developed inspired by his friends and family over the last two decades – swimming, badminton, Socialising, Flying, Movies, Gardening and more recently communal Bhajans!He loves to eat, live and pray!Don’t ever seek his opinion unless you are prepared to listen endlessly to his hair raising rant!!

Mrs Shambavi Prabhu
Vani Editor

Hello Amchi folks! I am Shambhavi – raised in Mumbai, from Udupi and complaining about the UK weather since 2014. I work in the content space. Passion projects include #buylocal and #homecooking. Love watching TV series, most recent binge watch being Handmaid’s Tale (and yes, I also invested in 8 seasons of GOT only to experience the epic fail of a finale).
*How long have you lived in the UK? 5 years*Which is your Native place: Udupi

Idea of a perfect amchigele meal? Bimbla nonche, Jeevkadgi phodi, sungta phana upkari, sheeth, taushe salad (weird combination but love all these!)

One thing you carry in your suitcase while travelling from India? My amma’s pickles and kori roti masala

Ever had a selfie with a celeb? Who? The Queen had a selfie with me

Ms Vaaruni Nayak
Vani Co Editor

I’m Vaaruni Nayak, 16 years old and currently a Year 12 student.I’ve lived in London as far back as my memory goes and am an avid reader.I’m also a classical dancer, passionate about writing and now a part of the Vani team

Dr. Shalini Gadiyar
Vani Co Editor

Hello, I am the Vani Co-editor.
My interests include cooking, reading and watching sports like cricket and tennis. I also love visiting
new places.
I am a general practitioner by profession and in my spare time I do enjoy shopping and playing angry
birds or word games.
I live in Rochdale with my family which is my mother, Cookie- my cat, my husband and 2 children.
I love eating out and have come to like all kinds of food, but Indian Chinese food remains my
favorite after Manglorean fish curry and fish fry.

Mr Sudeep Shenoy

My Self Sudeep Shenoy, currently i am the Webmaster of GSS UK , I was Born in Mangalore but brought up in Goa during early life then i moved back to Mangalore during my year 6. I did my Engineering Degree from NMAMIT nitte, I moved to the UK in october 2008. I joined the GSS Sabha in 2010.
I am currently living in Hounslow with my wife Aparna and Son Darsh, I work in IT sector in chiswick.
My Favourite amchi cuisine would be jackfruit payasu, Valval and Bibbe Upkari,
Ever had a selfie with a celeb? Who? :Yes, with Cyrus Brocha
Favorite Pastime? :travelling
One Thing you carry in your suitcase while travelling from India? : Banana Halwa

Mr Tilak Kamath
Asst Webmaster

I am from a small village called Shirva in Udupi,India.I moved to the UK in June of 2016 and currently living in Upton Park, London and working as a Network Support Engineer for Sky UK, out of Brick Lane.

I did my engineering degree from NMAMIT, Nitte(2012). My passion includes following all forms/teams in cricket and recently started liking to cook. “

Mrs Arati Nayak

Hi All, I am Aarti Nayak and a committee member since 2017.I have been a GSS member for long and what binds me to the Sabha is the versatility and the diversity of our community.

I am a foodie like most amchis ( although the trend today is slimming) and pardi sessions are a must when you catch up with friends.So it has been a fun place on with some serious goals of developing and growing our network within our community so that together we can achieve and make a difference in each other lives.

Mr Girish  Kamath

I am an enthusiastic photographer and equally passionate Agile evangelist.
I was born in Mangalore but grew up in Mumbai but now coming to the point where I have spent more than half of my adult life in UK.
My first love is my family (my wife will contest this.) My wife, Sapna too is from Karkala but grew up in Mumbai. We have been married for 18 years now and have been blessed by two wonderful children (Riya aged 13 and Darsh aged 9).
If you love photography and want to encourage me on my photography journey, please follow me on Instagram (girishkamathphotography)

Mr Girish  Prabhu

Hello There! My name is Girish Prabhu and I am  from the beautiful evergreen coastal city of  Mangaluru.

I am living in U.K for the past 13 years with my wife Sangeetha and my kids  Esha and Sanat and my gorgeous golden boy Leo!

I am an IT consultant working for an investment bank in the city of London.

Idea of a perfect amchigele meal? :Rice with devasthana saaru , dalitoy coupled with batatya waagu,kuvalya pulee koddel ani bolonjeer fry & soorna Koota on the sides.

Your favourite Hindi movie? :SholayIf you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? :Time travelling!One thing you carry in your suitcase while travelling from India? :Kyaalya Halvo ani Chakkulee.Sunday Roast or Fish n’ Chips? :None. Fish curry rice would be my ideal choice.

How many languages can you speak? :-Konkani, Kannada, Marati,  Hindi, English and  Broken tulu.

Ever had a selfie with a celeb? Who? :My favourite singer Raghu DixitFavourite pastime?  :-Badminton and playing fetch game with Leo.

Mrs Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao originates from Mumbai and had lived in Mumbai before 2000 when she moved to the UK with her family. She speaks Bambaiyya Hindi, Konkani and Marathi and as typical for any Bombayite finds it difficult to hold a conversation in any single Indian language without using words from another language, a classic Bombay trait.

She lives in Twickenham, London with her husband Ravi, children Niti and Adi and In-laws Nanda and Prabhakar.
After many years of studying and working in many fields, Kiran finally found her passion in her educational business that she has been successfully running for the past 10 years. When she finds time she loves meeting friends and indulging in Bollywood movies, music and dance. She has tremendously enjoyed working in the committee for the past two years and is looking forward to another year of being part of this lovely team.

Mrs Shweta Shenai

I am Mrs. Shweta Shenai originally from the land of Bollywood (Mumbai).I have been in the UK from last 14 years.I live in South London with my husband Mahesh and two children – Neharika(12) & Omkar(10).

I work in Aviation industry as an IT Lead Business Analyst. I am a complete foodie who also loves to travel and explore different cultures.

Ms Sneha Mallya
Youth Cordinator

Hi I’m Sneha, one of the Youth Coordinators!

I have just completed an exciting year at the University of Nottingham studying Medicine.

Being born/brought up here and having travelled to India several times,

I have seen the best of Amchi culture! A few must-haves for me are vadapav, malpuri, Bapama’s nonche, and Mamama’s gharankaro!!

One of my favourite pastimes is taking photos – so if you see me around, be prepared to say cheese! Looking forward to another successful year.

Mr Adi Rao
Youth Cordinator

Aditya Rao (Adi) is the youth coordinator for GSS.

He is 17 years old and is currently doing his A-Levels.

His hobbies include playing cricket, badminton and making cakes.

He is trying to get the youth to be more involved in annual events, as well as improving the network between all the GSS Kids.

Dr Harish Mallya

Membership Secretary

My formative years were in Thirthahalli, a quaint little town blessed with lush greenery and fantastic weather in Malnad. Currently settled in Aylesbury, I have been working for the NHS as a paediatrician with interest in neurodisability supporting children and families with complex health needs. Wife Kavitha is a general practitioner and we have two children – Sneha and Sanjit. 

Like going for a run, love sports of any kind, dabble a bit in cooking, socialising and if there is time to spare like to keep myself busy with some sketching/drawing.


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