Konkani Panchadik – Episode 6 – 8th August 2021

The 6th episode of Konkani Panchadik session happened after a brief gap of 2 months. The last two months, since the AGM, a new committee was voted in and we have been busy organising ourselves to step up to the challenge of engaging with our members with meaningful activities.

The session started our Chairman, Sadananda Nayak maam providing a brief intro to the session, followed by a quick round of introductions from the newly elected GSS committee members. The GSS website has been updated with the new committee member list. Please do visit the page.

The first performance of the session was flue recital by Sanjeet Nayak. The recorded session can be found here

Following the breathtaking flute performance, we had a wonderful talk on Happy Living by our guest speaker, Mr Praveen Pai (recorded session can be found here). Currently working as an Engineering Manager for Intel Bangalore, Praveen has been delivering a Self Leadership Program at Intel since 2020. He has authored several blogs on LinkedIn and published Youtube Videos on how to build a Leadership and Growth Mindset. Praveen has a MASc degree from Carleton University, Canada and lives with his 8 year old son and Gowri my wife in Bangalore. For questions or comments, you can reach Praveen on his YouTube channel MINDGEAR or via some of his blog posts on LinkedIn

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