Committee Members

Mr. Sadananda Nayak

I have been a member of the SABHA for the past 23 years and held various positions as Committee member, Treasurer, Chaiman and Trustee and now Chairman on second occasion.
We stay at Kenton, Harrow and I work as a Chief Financial Officer in a project company at present after completing 48 years of Banking career.


Mr. Sunil Prabhu
Vice Chairman

Been in UK since 1997. I am a Mangalorean but grew up in Mumbai, live in Ilford (East London) with my wife, Latha. I have 2 sons who are not living with us – Amol, 24, is an MSc in Evolutionary Biology and has joined the Civil Service – Anush, 21, is studying Dentistry in Bristol. I am a Sales Manager with Talion CyberSecurity.

Been with GSS since 1999. I have been an EC member and Sabha Trustee in the past GSS has helped us become part of an extended family snd been an important part of settling in- we have met relatives who we weren’t aware of when we were in India – we love the periodic get-togethers and outings and are always looking forward to it.

As a true Konkani, my comfort food is Rice, steaming Daalitoy topped with Toop along with kotla nonche but won’t be offended if daalitoy is replaced with devasthana rasam.

Mr Girish Kamath

I am an enthusiastic photographer and equally passionate Agile evangelist.
I was born in Mangalore but grew up in Mumbai but now coming to the point where I have spent more than half of my adult life in UK.
My first love is my family (my wife will contest this.) My wife, Sapna too is from Karkala but grew up in Mumbai. We have been married for 18 years now and have been blessed by two wonderful children (Riya aged 13 and Darsh aged 9).
If you love photography and want to encourage me on my photography journey, please follow me on Instagram (girishkamathphotography)

Mrs Dharma Shenoy
Joint Secretary

Growing up on the sunny shores of Mangalore, I enjoyed everything this beautiful coastal town has to offer. My ‘home’ is with my husband Ravi and our two adorable kids, Aradhana and Agasthya.

A perfect amchigele meal for me is batatesong and dalitoy to be finished off by ponosa garayi, all made by my amma.

My favourite movie is ‘Hum Saat Saat Hain’- it reminds me of my childhood with a loving extended family.

When travelling from Mangalore, I always carry a lot of amma’s sambar pitti, it is my lifeline until my next visit. And her garlic chutney powder.

Being a sabha member has given me an extended family away from home. The love and warmth from everyone is addictive and I always look forward to our next event.

Mrs Gauri Shanbag

I am Gauri Shanbhag from Honavar, Karnataka, born and brought up in Mumbai. I am a parent of two wonderful daughters and I am an advaita vedantin.
My newly acquired profession(10 yrs) is in asset management specialing in Client relationship services in Fund management.
For me GSSabha is a representation of family and friendship and I have thoroughly enjoyed my past experiences as an EC member, Vani editor and Trustee.
I am a part of this community since 16 years and am humbled to be given an opportunity to serve as a Treasurer and look forward to make wonderful memories with the new committee

Mr. Sudeep Shenoy
Membership Secretary

I was Born in Mangalore but brought up in Goa during early life then i moved back to Mangalore during my year 6. I did my Engineering Degree from NMAMIT Nitte and I moved to the UK in October 2008. I joined the GSS Sabha in 2010.
I am currently living in Hounslow with my wife Aparna and Son Darsh, I work in IT sector in Chiswick.
My Favourite amchi cuisine would be Jackfruit payasu, Valval and Bibbe Upkari.
Ever had a selfie with a celeb?: Yes, with Cyrus Brocha
Favorite Pastime?: Travelling
One Thing you carry in your suitcase while travelling from India? : Banana Halwa

Mr Girish Kamath
IT Webmaster

I was born and bought up in Bantwal, a small town near Mangalore and quite popular for its glorious SVS temple and the famous Bantwal teru. I did my computer engineering at NITK, Surathkal, worked in Bangalore for a few years, before moving to UK in 2008. I live in High Wycombe with my wife Sneha Kamath and our 4 year old son, Avyukt. I love programming, designing and architecting software solutions and exploring emerging technologies in the IT sector. I like to travel, meet new people, try new cuisines and broaden my experience of the world. Although not a very good cook, I find it cooking quite relaxing and love the heap of praises Sneha showers on me whenever I cook something good. My new found passion is running and I have been trying to do regular runs in the mornings, hoping to take part in a half marathon sometime this year.

I joined GSS in 2019, at the Bank Holiday weekend event in August and was happy to meet many of the community members in person. As a community, we have a lot of learn and share with each other and I am really excited to be part of the committee and contribute in whatever way I can to keep our flag flying high.

Mr Abhay Prabhu
Joint IT Webmaster

I am an avid technologist and an ardent aspiring chef. I have been brought up in so many cities back in India, it is difficult to spot a point on the map to say where I am from. So, I prefer to say my roots are in Basrur, where my father was born and brought up. Here in the UK, I live in Stanmore with my wife Amita and my four-year-old son Aavish.

My nirvana is in cooking and seeing people savor the food I cook. Be my guest if you crave an authentic Hyderabadi Biryani or Amchi kadgi chakko or anything else in between.

Sabha for me is my extended family that is full of radiating splendor, love and joy. I am elated to be a part of this enthusiastic and efficient committee that is devoted to serve the colossal GSS UK family.

Ms Vaaruni Nayak
Vani Editor

Hello everyone! Born in Mumbai, I’ve lived in London for the last decade and a half. Currently editor of Vani, with a love for Bharatnatyam, reading (crime thrillers anyone?) and badminton. If netflixing was a profession, would have the highest qualifications – making do with medical school at the moment. Personal synonym for comfort is Dalithoy on a rainy day.

Mrs Vinaya Shenoy
Vani Co-Editor

My name is Vinaya Shenoy. Born bred in Namma Bengaluru. Moved to UK in 2004 September. My Husband Suraj Shenoy is also from Bengaluru.
I did my engineering in MIT, Manipal. I have two beautiful daughters age 15 and 12 . I am currently working as an accounts assistant.
I joined GSS couple of years ago and was immediately welcomed with open arms by all the members and made us feel at home. I am a foodie and I love all Amchi food. Can’t choose anyone it would be like betraying others. I am a major movie buff.
Up until few years ago I watched every Hindi movie released. But now my threshold to bad movies has gone so low that I hardly watch any Hindi movies until have heard it is really good.
My recent hobby has become learning Korean. You can say I have been swept in the K- Wave. I am really excited to be a part of the GSS committee and can’t wait to make beautiful memories with our Sabha members

Ms Sneha Mallya
Youth Coordinator

Hi I’m Sneha, one of the Youth Coordinators! I am in my fourth year at the University of Nottingham studying Medicine. Being born/brought up here and having travelled to India several times, I have seen the best of Amchi culture! A few must-haves for me are vadapav, malpuri, Bapama’s nonche, and Mamama’s gharankaro!! One of my favourite pastimes is taking photos – so if you see me around, be prepared to say cheese! Looking forward to another successful year.

Mr Adi Rao
Youth Cordinator

Aditya Rao (Adi) is the youth coordinator for GSS.

He is 17 years old and is currently doing his A-Levels.

His hobbies include playing cricket, badminton and making cakes.

He is trying to get the youth to be more involved in annual events, as well as improving the network between all the GSS Kids.

Mrs Arati Nayak

Hi All, I am Aarti Nayak and a committee member since 2017.I have been a GSS member for long and what binds me to the Sabha is the versatility and the diversity of our community.

I am a foodie like most amchis ( although the trend today is slimming) and pardi sessions are a must when you catch up with friends.So it has been a fun place on with some serious goals of developing and growing our network within our community so that together we can achieve and make a difference in each other lives.